What is the difference between home health and hospice?
Home health services help a person regain function after an illness, injury, or surgery when homebound. Hospice is specialized care that assists with the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of the person and family facing a life limiting illness. Usually, a person is not eligible to receive both. Please notify us if you are receiving care from a home health agency.

Who Pays for Hospice?
Medicare: 100%
Medicaid: 100%
Private Insurance
Most insurance companies will cover hospice services using the Medicare model of reimbursement
*must be approved by the Hospice Administrator

Can I continue to visit my doctor?
Yes, your doctor is part of the hospice team and continues to direct your care. Please let your hospice nurse know when you have a doctor’s appointment.

Will my family doctor remain involved in my care?
We will continue close communication with your doctor and follow the orders for your care. Your doctor may ask our Medical Director to assist with your care. Medical Directors are uniquely trained in hospice and palliative care to manage pain and other symptoms specific to your diagnosis.

Does hospice provide full-time round-the-clock care?
Hospice care supplements the care provided by the family or hired caregivers in the home or nursing home. We provide intermittent care that includes scheduled visits by your team. Our staff is available 365 days a year.

Will hospice affect my Medicare or Medicaid coverage?
You will continue to maintain your Medicare/Medicaid coverage for all health problems not related to your hospice illness.

While under hospice can I go to the hospital?
Yes, although all hospitalizations should be coordinated through your hospice team prior to going to the hospital.

Does receiving hospice care mean I have six months to live?
Your doctor uses the best medical judgment to estimate how long you have to live. We will continue to assess your condition to make sure you are eligible for hospice care. Studies have shown that some people on hospice services actually live longer. *

May I leave town or take a trip?
You are encouraged to travel, as much as your health allows. Notify your care team as soon as possible of your travel plans. Your care team will assist you in preparing for the trip. We may need to arrange for you to have care from another hospice in the area you will be staying. Your care team will help you determine the best way to handle your situation.

Do I have to stay at home to have hospice?
No. You are encouraged to participate in as many activities as your health allows.

What if I decide I no longer want hospice?
You may choose to discontinue hospice services at any time.

Can I have physical therapy?
Your doctor will determine if physical therapy would be helpful. We will arrange for you to receive any needed therapies.

Will my oxygen and medical equipment be covered by hospice?
Your care team will work with you to determine the medical equipment that will make your life easier and most comfortable. If an equipment exchange is required we partner with our preferred medical equipment provider in your area, and arrange any needed exchange with minimal disruption.

May I continue to receive chemotherapy or radiation?
Generally, chemotherapy and radiation are for curative treatment. Talk with your hospice nurse if you are considering one of these treatments.