Skilled Nursing Care - Angel Bright Hospice provides skilled nursing services given by professional registered and/or licensed vocational nurse under the direction of the supervising nurse. Services such as catheter care, colostomy care and wound dressing.

Personal Care Assistance - Certified Aides can assist with bathing, personal hygiene tasks, changing of bed linens and assist in the housekeeping of patients area. Medical Social Services - A licensed medical social worker provides services to help alleviate stresses encountered during illness, provides helpful information and support, and assists in long term planning when appropriate.

Spiritual Care - A Hospice Chaplain is available to provide spiritual support and counseling to patients and families or to assist with referral to clergy in the community if desired.

Bereavement Support - Bereavement support is provided to family members for a period of thirteen months following the death of a loved one. Personal contact as well as written information is made available to assist families through the grieving process.

Volunteer Support - Trained Hospice volunteers provide brief caregiver respite, companionship, and can assist with day to day tasks such as running errands and preparing light meals.

Angel Bright Hospice provides the following additional services under contractual arrangements:

Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Dietary Consultant, Labs, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment, Medical Supplies, Ground Ambulance transportation

Hospice Aides - Patients need to understand what Home hospice aides can and cannot do under Federal and State Law. Aides may perform duties depending on the care plan written by the RN.