No one service can provide for all the needs of Hospice patients and their families. Angel Bright Hospice believes that the team approach, with all specialties sharing in the services provided. The following outline gives a brief description of the various team members and their roles:

Agency Owner: Angel Bright Hospice, owned by Blanch Fernandez.

Medical Director: The Hospice physician directs the medical care and works with the primary physician and our team.

Primary Physician: The patient's personal physician is a key member of the Hospice team. The primary physician assumes responsibility for the medical management of his/her patient's treatment throughout the patient's involvement in the Hospice program.

Nursing Staff: Hospice nurses specialize in caring for patients with life-limiting illnesses. They are responsible for the direct skilled nursing care provided to patients in their home and coordinating support services.

Home Health Aides: The aides are skilled to assist the patient with bathing and personal care activities. They also may assist with other light meals and basic hygiene activities.

Social Work/Counselor: The social worker/counselor is the principal contact for community resources. This individual(s) provides direct support and counseling for the patient and family.

Spiritual Care Coordinator: Many patients feel spiritual support is a very important element in their care. When a community chaplain/minister is available, Hospice can encourage his/her involvement. Hospice can also facilitate contacts with spiritual support persons as needed.

Bereavement Coordinator: Support to families can continue for up to 13 months after the death. Volunteer contacts, mailings and group meetings are organized by the bereavement coordinator.

Volunteer Coordinator & Volunteers: The Hospice volunteers provide emotional support and companionship to patients. In addition, they provide respite for primary caregivers and family members directly involved in the patients' care. Many volunteers also provide shopping, child care and light housekeeping assistance.

The Interdisciplinary Team: You, your family or caregivers, your attending physician, the Hospice medical director, nurse, social worker, spiritual care coordinator, home health aide, volunteer, other therapies or counselor are on the Hospice team.